covid-19 action cleaning plan

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses should be taking extra steps to ensure the safety of their facilities. We have created a 5-step solution for ensuring a facility is fully sanitized and sterilized for maximum health.

We take our client’s facilities health seriously and implement the plan below:

Increase your daily budget of sanitization hours for janitorial staff (6ft. and below)

Implement electrostatic sprayer sanitization program (Total 360)

Clean all carpets and upholstered furniture, chairs, cubical walls

Clean your HVAC respiration system

With Confirmed COVID-19 Case – Deploy Disaster Restoration team with IICRC Certified technicians and Industrial Hygenist. (Complete sanitizing and testing of facility to ensure no virus found)

Take action in these unprecedented times to ensure the health and safety of your facility, employees and customers.

Simple steps now can make an important impact!

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